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Westminster Council

Westminster Council

westminster-council-1We were invited by Overbury to quote for the refurbishment of the very large cast alloy heraldic coat of arms, that is fixed to the wall outside the main entrance to Westminster City Hall. Looking at it, we reckoned it hadn’t been touched probably since it was installed in the 60’s.

After consultation with the project manager and the property department of the council, we were given the go ahead to start. We started with a very close inspection and we took a pallet of colours to dab on to match the existing paint, we also scrapped away some paint and took them away to be scanned and colour matched.

Well the day finally arrived for the work to begin, working at weekends and out of hours so there was no disruption to the council’s staff. The paint was rubbed down by hand and using high speed rotary sanders. Next we filled any damage with two part resin filler, and rubbed down again! After we were happy with the finish, we applied two coats of a zinc based primer. Again we filled any small imperfections and painted again, after applying another 2 coats of undercoat, we started with the fun bit – gold leafing and painting the gloss detail! We were extremely happy with the result. Knowing that our work will be on display in very prominent place for many years to come is a good feeling!



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