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St Barnabas Clapham Common

St. Barnabas

st-barnabas-5This traditional church sign had definitely seen better days. We estimate this sign to be at least 100 years old with many hand carved architectural features.

We were tasked with restoring this sign to its former glory. This started on site where we carefully removed the sign from its posts.

Back in the workshop, we rested the sign for four weeks to allow it to dry out, and then we started to strip the sign of its paintwork and strip out all the rotten wood. New timbers were fitted to replace the rotten sections and new carvings were made to match existing.

Once the sign was constructed we proceeded to paint two coats of primer, three coats of undercoat and finally finished with two coats of gloss paint.

The sign was lettered and then refitted on site onto refurbished posts.

We were proud of the opportunity to restore this fine old church sign.


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