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Butler Associates was set up in the swinging 60s as a “one man band” signwriting company producing traditional hand painted signs all over London, Surrey, Kent and Essex.

We expanded our range of services in the 70s and 80s and moved from a small sign studio into a new factory in West Norwood, London. We were heavily involved with the revival of traditional pub signage in the 80’s and 90’s, using our timed honed skills producing the finest Pub signs for the likes of Courage, Taylor Walker, Ind Coope, Whitbread, and the early days of Wetherspoon (when they only had seven pubs !) amongst many others. Along the way we also manufactured many traditional signs for churches, which surprisingly used the same techniques and skills that we used for the pub signs, ie timber signs with gold leaf text.

With the advent of computerised signmaking equipment, we were slow to embrace the new technology, keeping the faith with the brush! But eventually we came to realise that modern manufacturing processes and the traditional craft of signwriting could work side by side. So nowadays, we try to produce a fine designed sign, utilising over 40 years of experience with up to date processes, just for you.

Not a lot of firms can say that!