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We have a wide range of lighting solutions, to suit your requirements, either ambient lighting or specific sign illumination

Maybe you have a pub that could benefit from some subtle lighting or a shop that needs a continuous trough light over your sign. We will discuss your needs with you, and come up with a solution. We can show you images and some samples of the lights (in our studio).

We try to incorporate LED lighting where possible: the qualities of low power consumption (important nowadays!), long life and therefore low maintenance makes it an attractive alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting. Most of our lanterns and trough lights now have LED options, whilst maintaining that traditional feel.

Our range

trough-lightTrough Lights
Continuous length lighting, either fluorescent or LED.

bullet-lightBullet Lights
Four bracket options and three colours choices available.

menu-casesMenu Cases
Choice of two lacquered metal finishes and painted finish, illuminated or not. A3 or A4 size available.

Two colour finishes, with choice of two wall brackets, three types of plinths to choose from ,or, three lampposts options.

Two sizes (Churchill or Charles), banded or unbanded.
Four bracket options available, three plinth options and three lamppost choices.

Downloadable pdf’s coming soon to the website, for more information please contact us. Alternatively you can view our Lighting Gallery.