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  • Victoria Lantern
    Victoria lantern, copper finish, bottom bracket
  • Trough Lights
    Continuous trough light, any length
  • Edward Lantern
    Edward lantern, gold finish, top bracket
  • Cowl Light
    Cowl light, brass or black
  • Bertie & Boo
    Brass cowls
  • Churchill Globe Light
    Churchill globe light on wall bracket
  • Charles Globe Light
    Churchill globe on plinth
  • Bullet Lights
    Bullet lights in gold, on 950mm arms

We have links with and act as agents, for many of Britain’s top lighting manufacturers. We only use quality lighting products that are made in the UK. We obtain good discounted rates from our suppliers and pass this on to you. This is because as well as lighting, you probably are going to buy a sign from us too!

We can produce continuous trough lighting units with standard fluorescent lamps or LED’s, lanterns, globe lights, bullet lights, halo lit lettering. The only thing we don’t do is neon, because we believe this is best left to a specialist supplier, but please ask us and we can point you in the right direction.

For further details of our extensive lighting range, please look at our lighting section under “Services”.

Downloadable Lighting PDFs will be available soon but in the meantime please contact our Sales Office for further information.