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  • Windsorts Hotel Inspector
    For Hotel Inspector
  • Unreal
    Design company hand painted logo
  • Union Inn And Copper Pot
    Gold leaf with painted pictorial
  • The Wellington
    Carved 3D sign, larger than real life!
  • The Warrington Hotel
    Refurbished painted sign
  • The Warrington Hotel
    Close up
  • The Trident
    Pub logo, gold leaf and painted work
  • The Thirsty Bear
    Large pub modern pictorial
  • The Sydney Arms
    One colour, painted to great effect
  • The Swan
    Refurbished painted sign to original design
  • The Storehouse
    Contemporary painted panel
  • The Peer
    Modern twist to a pub sign, in gold leaf
  • The Old Bank
    Panel shaped like a bank note
  • The Mayflower
    Hand painted pictorial
  • The Manor
    Silver leaf pub logo
  • The Ladbroke Arms
    Pictorial with a heraldic feel
  • The Gun
  • The Famous Angel
    Traditional written pub sign
  • The Dartmouth Arms
    Another refurbishment
  • The Dartmouth Arms
    Close up
  • The Conduit
    Refurbished sign, gold leaf
  • The College Arms
    Painted to designers spec
  • The Coachmakers
    Hand carved gilded frame
  • The Coachmakers
    Pictorials complete the look of this great pub
  • The Chester Hotel
    Small signwritten sign, bracket and light, ready to be installed
  • The Bulldog
    From the archives!
  • The Bounty
    This has everything!
  • The Bounty
    Close up
  • The Bounty
    Hanging outside pub, very impressive
  • The Boot
    3D carved Boot
  • The Boot
    In workshop, ready to go
  • The Boars Head
    Painted sign, bracket, hanging bottom panel
  • The Bloomsbury
    New sign to match old one
  • The Bedford Arms
    Coat of Arms
  • The Atlas
    Hand painted refurbished sign
  • The Anglers
    Digital print
  • The Angelic
    Hand painted crest
  • Sir Richard Steele
    Gold leaf Sir Richard Steele
  • Sir Richard Steele Hanging Sign
    Close up of Sir Richard
  • Regent Sounds
    Retro painted sign with bracket
  • Mad Dogs Hong Kong
    80's style sign
  • Lambourne
    Grained background, hand painted
  • Highlander
    Hand painted Scottish theme
  • Harvey And Wheeler
    Traditional gold sign
  • The Gipsy Moth
    Gold leaf 'boat' , metalwork included
  • Fox And Hound
    Hand painted to original design
  • Dirty Martini
    Designed projection sign, illuminated
  • Captain Kidd
    All hand painted detail
  • Brasa
    Shaped sign, bracket, lights
  • Bass
    Hand painted, from some years ago!
  • Ball And Cue
    Exported to a home in USA
  • Allisons
    Coffee shop logo sign & bracket
  • Patterson Bowe
    Traditional sign, modern design
  • John Thornton
    Carved book hanging sign and painted fascia

These signs date back to the 14th Century when King Richard II compelled landlords to erect signs on their premises to ensure that ale houses were clearly visible to the borough ale testers. As most of the population were illiterate at this time, pictures on a sign also clearly identified the public houses to the public without the need for written text. This form of signage is still widely used on pubs nowadays and is a traditional way of portraying the pub’s name.

Here at Butler dSigns, whilst we have not been around since the 14th Century, we have been hand painting pictorial signs for over 40 years!

If you want a new sign, send us an email with your design (if you have one) or an image of your old sign (again if you have one), or call/email to discuss. We can manufacture new signs to fit your existing brackets or if required start from scratch, including steel brackets.

Following from your brief, we will send you a detailed quote and if you wish to proceed we start the design process culminating in an artist painted watercolour design for your sign. Once the design is all approved, we can crack on and get to work!