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  • The Coachmakers
    Gilded to match door handles
  • The Coachmakers
    Gold leaf on wall
  • The Coachmakers
    This way!
  • The Birdcage
    Gilded with maroon shade
  • Knights Gardens
    Gilded letters, we made metalwork too!
  • Kennedy's
    Gilded glass signs
  • Gilded Gates
    Railing headers
  • Gilded Gates
    Railing details
  • Design Work Pic
    Carved, and gilded
  • Design Work Pics
    Carved gilded lion
  • Campden Hill
    On site, refurbished gold letters
  • Baldwins And Co
    Carved gilded logo, behind glass
  • Blanco And Gomez Wine Merchants
    Gold leaf, wooden painted sign
  • The Old Blue Last
    Engraved masonry sign infilled with gold leaf
  • The Peer
    Contemporary use of gold leaf
  • Samuel French
    Simple but effective
  • Dulwich Board Room
    Gold Leaf Honours Board

We use only the finest 23¾ct gold leaf on all our signs to ensure that in years to come your sign will be as bright as the day it was painted.

Gold has been used for hundreds of years, for its durability and quality. There is no other lettering finish that has the prestige of a fine gilded sign. This gallery shows just a small selection of the versatility of gold that we have used, from gold leaf pub fascias (The Birdcage) to metal railings and artefacts.

Being 23¾ct gold leaf, gilded signs have a tremendous life span, often lasting much longer than the fascias that it’s painted on. How many times have you seen old gold leaf signs on pubs still looking great, whilst the rest of the pub is falling down?

The cost isn’t as bad as you may think, bearing in mind the longevity – any other form of signwriting or vinyl will need to be repainted, or applied.