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  • William's Lynch
    Stainless steel polished built up
  • William's Lynch
    Polished again, but exterior
  • The Pelican
    Gold moulded acrylic
  • The Old Bank
    Hand drawn typeface, hand finished and gilded (HDU)
  • The Mariner
    Wooden letters, grained to match fascia
  • The Mariner
    Built up aluminium letters, powder coated with halo LED
  • The Manor
    Wooden letters, silver leaf
  • The Duke Of Wellington
    HDU letters, hand drawn typeface
  • Phoenix Cobham
    Flat cut aluminium, powder coated
  • Methodist Church
    Moulded, acrylic
  • Lotte Berk
    Built up metal letters, powder coated
  • Kazbar
    Built up problem
  • Jace
    Mixture of flat cut acrylic and vinyl text
  • Ivebury Court
    Flat cut stainless steel, brushed finish
  • Holly's House
    Hand cut HDU lettering, to customers font,
  • Harvey And Wheeler
    Gilded wooden letters
  • Hand And Lock
    Flat acrylic gloss letters and vinyl text
  • Grenville Court
    Built up stainless steel, polished
  • Fold7
    Built up stainless steel, polished
  • Fitriani
    Sprayed black and flush fitted
  • Elateral
    Stainless Steel On Long Studs
  • Drefus
    Wooden logo/letters, sprayed finish
  • Charlotte Despard
    Gold moulded acrylic
  • Cafe Tamra
    Mixture of wooden applied lettering and hand signwriting
  • Bon Bon Patisserie
    Difficult fixing to Italian marble
  • Bertie And Boo Adventure Island
    Customers logo/type hand made
  • Bertie And Boo Adventure Island
    Hand drawn type, logos carved from HDU
  • Bertie And Boo Adventure Island
    Close up!
  • Ace Shoe Care
    Wooden letters, sprayed white, with vinyl text

We manufacture a wide range of applied lettering from a variety of materials, all of which are durable and long lasting, suitable for both internal and external use.

  • Stainless steel letters can be highly polished or finished to a “brush” effect for that satin feel (Williams Lynch).  For added dimension, add built up returns (Fold 7)
  • Aluminium lettering can be powder coated (RAL colours) and again can be flat cut (Phoenix) or built up (Lotte Berk and Kasbar)
  • Wooden letters  – for that traditional feel and quality.  Can be finished to 24ct gold leaf (Harvey & Wheeler) or simply painted to a colour/finish of your choice (Dreyfus, Cafe Tamra, The Mariner)
  • HDU – (sign foam) a highly versatile material for that more “freestyle” finish to your letters.  The beauty of HDU is that it can be cut and carved to virtually any shape required.  It is ideal for those non-standard fonts or shapes (Holly’s House, Duke of Wellington, Bertie & Boo)
  • Acrylic lettering – whilst considered a cheaper option for applied lettering, it is hardwearing and very versatile in both its flat cut (Hand & Lock, Jace) and moulded version (The Pelican)