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Contemporary signage reflects modern trends, be it stainless steel lettering, an aluminium tray sign or built up LED letters. We use our experience in over 40 years of producing signs, to make our modern contemporary signs to the same high standard as our traditional signs.

Even though we use the latest computer driven manufacturing processes to produce contemporary sign design, fonts and layouts are still very important to build that brand awareness that you will looking for in your new sign.

If you look at our commercial and retail gallery, you will see many fine examples of contemporary signs. Attention to detail is still our highest priority, and communication with you, as our client, is paramount. Whether you want a simple digital print for a window display, vinyl for your van or built up stainless steel letters on a tray sign, we will look after you throughout each stage. We can show you images, samples of signs and help you through the design stages, usually following an email, a chat on the phone, or if required, a site meeting.

Hotblack Desiato, a North London estate agent, approached us with a preliminary design concept for their chain of offices. By working closely with their designer, we were able to achieve a total rebranding of their company across all their branches to suit not only the design criteria but also their budget! We managed to produce a very contemporary signage scheme by using traditional painted wooden signs, hand signwritten turned their very contemporary design into traditional hand painted signs.